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Investigation and discussion with Sun Zhengdong by Zhuang Xiaoxiong, Chairman of China Textile Institute
Source:Information Office   Author:Lai Wenya   Time:2019-02-21   Read:114second  

On February 19, Zhuang Xiaoxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Textile Science Research Institute Limited, conducted a survey in Haoyuan Company and held a discussion with Sun Zhengdong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Municipal Committee. Li Hong, Vice Mayor, Gu Hengzhong, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, Secretary of Yingdong District Committee, Huang Qi, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Dong Zhongxu, Deputy Secretary-General of Yingdong District, Zhang Yinjun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, Fan Diancai, Vice-General Gao Yulei and Gao Minglin were accompanied.

Accompanied by Zhang Yinjun, Fan Dianzai and Gao Minglin, Xiaoxiong and his party went deep into the production line of Haoyuan Company Park and inspected the operation of production facilities in the park. In the main production control room of the park, Fan Dianzai introduced to Zhuang Xiaoxiong and his delegation the project development plan, product structure, construction progress of the second phase of the park, production capacity and operation of the production equipment of Haoyuan Company.

Haoyuang Xiaoxiong inspected the operation of Haoyuan Park Phase I project and listened to Fan Dianzai's introduction. He believed that Haoyuan Company has developed rapidly and managed scientifically and precisely, which is worthy of win-win cooperation.

Subsequently, Sun Zhengdong, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Municipal Committee, held a discussion and exchanges with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZhuangXiaoxiong. Sun Zhengdong introduced the situation of Fuyang City, the policy of attracting investment and the development of coal chemical industry to Zhuangxiaoxiong.

Sun Zhengdong requests that the relevant departments of Fuyang City Government and Yingdong District Government should actively do a good job in project cooperation service, promote the project cooperation between Haoyuan Company and China Textile Institute as soon as possible, and promote more cooperative projects to take root in Fuyang, and promote the rapid development of Fuyang's social economy.

Established in 1956, China Textile Research Institute Limited is the largest comprehensive scientific research institute in China's textile industry. It is the backing unit of "National Research Center of Synthetic Fiber Engineering Technology", "National Engineering Center of Fiber Matrix Composites", "National Key Laboratory of Biological Fiber Manufacturing Technology". It is the pilot alliance of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation in Chemical Fiber Industry". One of the leading units of the alliance is the undertaking units of such textile technology service platforms as "Shaoxing Textile Industry Innovation Public Service Platform", "Textile Standard Testing Public Service Platform". It has important public service resources of the textile industry, such as productivity promotion center, textile industry standardization institute, national textile product quality supervision and inspection center, and national textile measurement station. We have undertaken a number of key national science and technology projects such as "973", "863" and "science and technology support". We have overcome and broken through a series of major technical problems, formed a number of technological innovations with independent intellectual property rights and advanced world level, and won more than 20 National Science and Technology Progress Awards. In 2016, it was awarded the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.

Zhang Yinjun introduced the development plan of the park to Zhuang Xiaoxiong

Fan Diancai introduced to Zhuangxiaoxiong the operation of production facilities in the park.

Sun Zhengdong and Zhuang Xiaoxiong


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