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Sales companies carry out full-time business training
Source:New Product Sales Company   Author:Miao Bo   Time:2019-02-19   Read:110second  

Feb. 15, in the fertilizer sales conference room, the sales company carried out a series of company compound fertilizer and differential urea product knowledge training. Wei Jinqiang, manager of New Product Sales Company, presided over the meeting. All the staff of Chemical Fertilizer Sales Company and New Product Sales Company participated in the training and study.

Wei Jinqiang first deployed the sales of compound fertilizer in spring of 2019 to all of you, and arranged the work according to the actual situation of each market. He asked all business personnel to study the company's product knowledge seriously, and to assist the market agents under their jurisdiction to do a good job in the company's product promotion and marketing work.

At the meeting, Miaobo, a new product sales company, introduced to the participants the company's current development situation, the construction of compound fertilizer projects, and the company's knowledge of compound fertilizer products and differentiated urea products.

Participants made suggestions on how to improve the company's product marketing work.

Wei Jinqiang emphasized that all business personnel should cater to the company's current development needs, develop marketing ideas, earnestly study marketing knowledge, do a good job in product promotion and sales, and build the company's "one-stop" marketing service system.


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