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Gao Minglin to Kouzi Town Wangzhuang Village Poverty Alleviation
Time:2019-02-04   Read:95second  

On January 31, Gao Minglin, deputy general manager of the company, led middle-level managers of the park to Wangzhuang Village, Kouzi Town, Yingdong District, to offer condolences for poverty alleviation.

Wu Feng, Secretary of Wangzhuang Village, Kouzi Town, Eastern Ying District, introduced to Gao Minglin the work of poverty alleviation in Wangzhuang Village. On behalf of Wangzhuang villagers, he expressed his gratitude to Haoyuan Company, which always cared about the poor families in Wangzhuang Village. Gao Minglin has a detailed understanding of the family members of poor households, production and operation, economic income, breeding and planting, housing infrastructure construction, etc. He encourages them to carry forward the spirit of hard struggle and self-reliance, strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, and get out of poverty and become rich at an early date.

Gao Minglin, accompanied by Wufeng, visited poor peasant households in Wangzhuang Village and sent the money to poor peasant households.

Gao Minglin said that Haoyuan Company has always taken "Huize employees, serve the society" as its responsibility and is enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings. Haoyuan actively organizes personnel to help 16 poor households form a "one-to-one" team after the government of Yingdong District knows the situation. We should adopt various methods to advance the work of poverty alleviation in a solid and orderly manner and implement precise poverty alleviation. Haoyuan will actively learn from the advanced poverty alleviation experience of other enterprises, carefully look for job gaps and shortcomings, and earnestly do all kinds of work in detail to ensure that poverty alleviation poor households can be steadily lifted out from different levels and dimensions.


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